DERRICK: A book smart, sheltered, risk averse intellectual. Of the Jewish neurotic mold. Has three useless degrees and has lived with his parents on the Upper West Side until they kick him out, forcing him to move in with Kyle.

KYLE: A risk prone, cocky, smooth talking libertine with a taste for get-rich-quick schemes. Caution is not in his vocabulary. Despite being perpetually broke, Kyle never met a dare he wouldn't take.

VLADIMIR: An elderly Russian man who is kind and wise but prone to drink. Since escaping from Moscow, he has lived in the dilapidated home in Sheepshead Bay after Kyle's grandmother took him in.

KATYA: An attractive Russian woman who lives in the house next door to Kyle/Derrick/Vlad. She takes care of her grandmother and troubled younger brother and is a very accomplished piano player.

GEORGI: Katya's younger brother. He is the most vicious hardened stoic 11-year old in all of Sheepshead Bay. He is particularly weary of Derrick although he takes a shine to smooth-talking Kyle.

BABASONIA: Grandmother to Katya and Georgi. A short, exhausted woman who spent most of her life in the old country. She lives by the values and traditions of the USSR and is very vocal with her scorn for most things American.

YVGENY: A grizzled Russian mobster who only works in petty organized crime to pay the bills. Yvgeny made his way to US in the hopes of becoming a prima ballerina only to have his hopes dashed by an upstar Mikhael Baryshnikov.

BORIS: A strong vain Russian thug who is Yvgeny's right hand man. Along with Horace, he is in hardcore Russian rap group "16 Rubles".

HORACE: Boris's slow-witted accomplice. For reasons that are not objectively verifiable, Horace considers himself a handsome and debonair gentleman.
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