PIONEERS is a single camera sitcom about surviving on the edges of New York City's urban frontier.

Derrick Grunley, a neurotic worrywart, and Kyle Simms, his risk-prone childhood friend, decide to move to the heavily Russian neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

Fortified with a sense of adventure and no prospects whatsoever on the island of Manhattan, the two man children move into Kyle's grandmother's house which she left to her estranged grandson before she passed.

Unfortunately, they discover the house to be in a state of severe disrepair. In addition to the lack of water and power, Derrick and Kyle also encounter a bizarre Russian squatter living in their basement who claims to have been carnally close with Kyle's grandmother. Nevertheless, the young Americans try to adjust to their new neighborhood. In short order, they become indebted to a overly friendly bookkeeper, enrage two Slavic rappers, get attacked by a roving gang of neighborhood children, and meet a lovely Russian neighbor in who reluctantly lends a helping hand.

Despite these hardships, this bumbling 21st century version of Lewis and Clark decide to soldier on as modern day Pioneers...